Monday, November 3, 2014

My how times flies...

This past week has been such a beautiful week...have I mentioned that I love Colorado? :)

Kevin is starting to get his energy back now that he has been off chemo for a couple months.  Starting a new approach to healing, isn't exciting, as you can imagine...getting off chemo after a year and a half...only to have to go into more "treatment".  We are hearing such interesting and inspiring things about the holistic care world though!  Please if you have any positive stories for us in that regard, email me at

We ask that you share this blog wherever you can to spread the word for positive healing stories.

This week we got to spend some good quality time with his guy friends, at the shop and in their homes.  It's always great to see him with his old friends!   I even got to do some 4th grade homework!

We had a blast carving pumpkins!  I hadn't done that in a grip of time.

 Any that knows us...knows whos is whos here! :)

We went to church Saturday night with his mother and we all agreed it felt so good to be in the community again.

As always thank you so much for your time in following our blog!

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