Tuesday, December 30, 2014

MRI update!!

Kevin had his routine MRI on Friday and we are thrilled to share that everything looks stable. There is no new progression of disease and the doctor even indicated there was some shrinkage of the original residual tumor. This was in comparison to the October, 2013 MRI. This is amazing news and we are so happy that the MRI confirmed what we already know-Kevin is a warrior! We are so grateful for his youth, his strength and his health, prior to the diagnosis, all of which play a part in Kevin’s ability to fight. Of course we are grateful for modern medicine and his great neuro-oncologist, who was willing to speak honestly and openly and throw everything but the kitchen sink at Kevin to help make this happen. It was a long and difficult year of chemo but this MRI makes it worthwhile.

Kevin’s blood counts continue to improve and he doesn’t see the neuro-oncologist again until February, when his next MRI is due.

We are soooo thankful for all your continued thoughts and prayers! We continue to move forward with some of the alternative treatment options. The naturopath recommended a few supplements and Kevin has on them. He continues to exercise and does his best to eat healthy meals.

All in all, the past few days have been great.

Love,  us 

Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas!!

We just wanted to pop in and say thank you for following!  Nothing new is going on with us lately. We’ve just been really busy getting ready for the holidays.  Shopping, baking, cleaning, etc...you all know how it is!


 We decorated and thoroughly enjoy the animals new outfits, although they don't appreciate it! :)

My prayer for everyone is to not forget what is important this time of year...Jesus is the reason for the season.  I keep seeing on the news how gifts and packages are being stolenHow sad!   Be close with your families, as close as you can with miles in between...love one another. 

Thank you so much to an anonymous donor...they wish to remain unnamed but they donated $3000 towards our holistic/medical treatments.  AMAZING things can be done with that.  Thank you!!!!!

Kevin goes in for his 2nd post chemo MRI this Friday, the 26th.  We ask that you all say a prayer that things are stable.  It’s an anxious time for all of us, leading up to each MRI. Prayers and thoughts are really appreciated.  We will keep you updated of the results. So please stay tuned.


Monday, December 1, 2014


Went to the holistic doctor last week to find out some  test results and it was really interesting.  Not necessarily cancer related BUT some preventative stuff to work on towards the future. There is a lot of information that I am not sure how to portray here so we will leave it with, it was money well spent for that appointment, thank you for your donations!

Kevin wrote a poem last week, that really woke me up to his feelings...he wanted me to share it on here:

                          A pawn can take down a king!!

                          Kinda like the beginning of a little sickness...

                          It could and would if you let it!

                          Back to learning!

                          Never feel like you're becoming dumb.

                          Start from square one and continue to no limit.

                         Learn and have fun with it!

                         Use your drive to thrive for commitment!

                         Use Gods path for adventures!  He's by your side for all, to prevent your fall.

                        Use every minute as valued time!

                        Time was not meant to rhyme.

                        Time was made for a journey of a good life time!

We received an awesome gift...HELICOPTERS!  Thank you thank you thank you!  Kevin was beside himself...as any man would be with a new toy like that.

With the holiday season in full swing, I want to take a minute to share what I am thankful for.  I heard last weekend that an old dear friend of mine lost her baby sister in a car accident.  She was at no fault, hit by a drunk driver...so devastating.  The thoughts and feelings the family must be feeling is so overwhelming, I can't imagine.  I am thankful  she has a relationship with God and she can keep her family centered and strong.  I am thankful to have love in my life and to have 2 special people to share Thanksgiving with.  I am thankful for resources to keep hope in Kevins heart and that there are tools out there to help him.  I am thankful for family and friends and NEVER taking any of them for granted.  Most of all, I am thankful for Jesus...without his love and acceptance I don't know where I would be today.

We had such a beautiful dinner, cooked all day for a 20 minute meal...I've never understood that.  But Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday so that is the tradition.  Kevin carved his first turkey...what!!!  I couldn't believe it was his first time.  Noell even got to enjoy the food!

We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Please remember during this holiday season what is important...life. :)

Love Us! :)