Monday, October 27, 2014

MRI week

Last week was a very stressful week. As one can probably imagine, leading up to an MRI can be intense.  The unknown worry that lies beneath can really weigh a person down...physically, mentally and emotionally. 

We kept as busy as we could.  Monday he spent the afternoon/evening with one of his friends working on my car.  The brakes needed attention so that was a perfect project for him.  Tuesday he was able to go to Windsor to spend the day with his Grandfather Jim. 

Thursday was the much anticipated day. The MRI showed NO NEW enhancements...which is awesome!  Meaning the tumor has not grown, yahoooo!  Of course even better news would be that it has shrunk, but let's stay with the good news we have been given.  Now onto research of things to do to hopefully shrink that sucker!  

Thank you sooooo much to Flutterby Foundation for the wayyyy generous donation of $1000!  That will help leaps and bounds towards holistic treatments.  We are beyond words for our appreciation and gratitude! 

This past weekend was a blast!  Saturday, the weather here was unbelievable, so we were able to go on a 12 mile bike heck yea!

I love Colorado!!!!                                

Mid ride something was going on with the brakes.         

This was post ride, he and Noell chillin on the front step.

Sunday we had a good afternoon with friends, again able to enjoy some sunshine, hacky sack and skateboards!  Unfortunately I didn't even think to take any photos of the get together. We did a toast to Kevin, celebrating the good MRI.  We went around the room, each person saying something they love about Kevin...I could feel the love.  I can not express how grateful I am for the people in our lives!

Now for a new week!  Continued prayers and support are always appreciated.  Check back next Monday for our fun events from this week. :)

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