Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Meeting the family!

What an awesome getaway!  Kevin and I went over to Dads house to spend a few days with him, his wife Kim and my sweet sweet Grama.  The weather was beautiful and the food was overwhelming! :) 

We got there really late Friday night so got to visit for a little bit. Saturday we took a drive around the area and it was so beautiful!  I thought Colorado was gorgeous!?

Kim made us Smamut...now if you aren't familiar with Norwegians or my family in general you won't have a clue what that is.  Basically a side pork soup with dumplings....I was in heaven. 

Sunday...well we won't talk about the first part of the day (football game, what football game??).  My Dad is really famous for deep frying turkeys so when we got to town and heard there was no turkey frying planned...I asked him with a bat of the eyes if he would reconsider.  He was stoked!  I guess everyone there is tired of fried turkey so he had to pack his frying stuff away...until we got there.  That will be our next purchase so we can start a tradition here also. 

Dad later dug out a helicopter that my sister and I gave him a couple years ago...holy! They were like little boys and it was sooo much fun to watch!!!

Our visit was drawing to an end so we decided to take a bunch of family photos to remember the visit.  Speaking of remembering, those of you that know my Grama and her state, will be happy to know she did really good while we were there! She was able to remember Kevin's name (although she thought he was my husband) and she knew we were there the whole time!  He also taught her how to play a puzzle game on his iPad.

A HUGE thank you to Gramma Kim for watching lil Noell!  They have such a cute relationship...you would think Noell is human.  We say "want to spend the weekend with Gramma" and she completely freaks out!   We love and appreciate you so so so much Kim!! 

We go in next week to get some of Kevins test results back and find out what holistic approaches can be started.  Please keep him in your prayers as we step into this new field...its a whole new world with a whole lot of possibilities!!

Love, Us! :)

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