Tuesday, November 11, 2014


CANCER SURVIVOR: You are a survivor from the day of diagnosis.  You must do the thing you think you can not do.

We spent the day Saturday at an amazing event called THRIVE, put on by Swedish Medical Center. We met many cancer survivors and caregivers. Five cancer survivors shared their  amazing stories of surviving AND thriving! Oncologists from Swedish Medical Center spoke about new advances in cancer detection and therapies.  We participated in yoga and guided meditation demonstrations, and learned about nutrition and super foods. It was an emotional day to say the least but Kim and I were so happy that Kevin wanted to go to this event.  To be in a room full of cancer survivors and their families was an amazing step.  It is empowering to see others, many of whom are the same age as Kevin, thriving, despite their diagnosis. Many of us have been touched by cancer in one way or another. On Saturday we learned that not only do cancer survivors survive but they THRIVE!

Kevin's neuro-oncologist was one of the speakers. It was good to hear his perspective and his speech gave us insight to what he thinks and feels as a physician.  Here is a poem he wrote. For those of us never having been diagnosed, it rang loud throughout the crowd.
Picture the patient's stress on MRI day. Immediately following the MRI they sit in the doctor's office, on a bench, behind the doctor, looking at the computer images of the MRI.
I hope you are able to read this. The picture was taken on my phone. I made it extra large so it would come through clearer.

There was an amazing young woman who was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer at age 24. Here is something she shared with us and I wanted to share it here also.  Whether you know someone with cancer, have cancer or stumble upon it in your lifetime...please keep this list in mind.  We are always open to gifts as well!  :)

We all felt so good when we left there Saturday...not only were our hearts uplifted we got onto the main road to this...

Sunday was a fun day with friends and neighbors helping Kevin work on his truck and watching the Broncos...I kinda feel sorry for Raider fans, NOT! :)

Monday was quite the day! We were on our way to Boulder to see his holistic doctor...cruising west on Highway 7, about a mile west of I25 (the wind was seriously out of control).  Kevin mentioned how strange the clouds looked and as I was watching the sky, all of a sudden a mini tornado appeared in the field to our right. (maybe I am a bit dramatic but it was for real)  Debris, garbage and dust were swirling around...I immediately put my head into my hands as if taking cover when off the side of the road a huge road construction sign came blowing towards us and hit the truck!  RIGHT BESIDE ME!! It hit the right front fender, took the right side mirror off and scratched the whole passenger side of the truck.  Crazy??  Yes, but we are so grateful we were not in my car...things could have been so much worse. 
I believe this is God's way of saying it's not Kevin's time yet. Amen to that! God is good, always!

We are so blessed with all the donations to the gofundme account and want to thank everyone!  We are nowhere near our goal...holistic care is very expensive and it's a shame it isn't covered by insurance.  We took a large chunk out this week for some testing so we find ourselves in the humble position of reaching out for additional help. We hope you can find it in your hearts to assist us in reaching our goals. With the holidays right around the corner, we are thankful for anything you are able to give. 

Blessing to all.

Cheri, Kevin  and Kim

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