Thursday, May 7, 2015

All kinds of updates

Trip #1, San Francisco 4/3/15
Easter weekend Kim, Kevin and I spent a few days in San Francisco.  They had never been there and I was ready to go back and check more out.  We had such a great time, it was definitely too short of a visit.  We got there late Friday morning, hopped on the double decker tour bus then ended the evening at a great lil sushi place.  Saturday we spent the after on Alcatraz was AWESOME!  Kevin really was loving seeing all the history, it was really interesting to take the tour.  I highly recommend it if you can get there.  We ended that evening at Fog Harbor for a very expensive and tastey meal, then walked to Ghiradelli for some chocolate!  Sunday we spent the day on the double decker tour bus, checking out the Golden Gate Bridge, Sausalito and all that San Francisco has to offer visually!

We got home and immediately dived into remodeling the town home, talk about busy!  Something I personally have been anticipating for over a year, so happy to get it going!

Trip #2 4/24-26
What an amazing weekend we had in Houston at the Together In Hope conference, put on by MD Anderson Cancer Center.  I personally was not sure what to expect or how any of us would feel by the end of the weekend.

Rather than go into detail about all the different things we learned, I will get to the important, significant part...we each formed relationships with other brain cancer patients, care givers, spouses, parents, etc, and that is priceless.  Up to this point Kevin didn't have anyone he could call that fully understands physically and emotionally what he is going through.  Kim didn't have anyone to call who really understands her thoughts, feelings, fears, etc and I didn't have anyone who really understands my perspective, thoughts, feelings and emotions.  Now I can say we each have people in our support circle who we can count on to help make our lives easier. 

Kevin got an MRI on April 26 and the results were great! No new growth! No sign of new disease!

Most of us can only imagine the amount of anxiety surrounding an MRI that will tell you one of two things, you are either stable or you have new disease growth. It’s a little difficult to wrap your head around the fact that the best he will hear is there is no new growth. Wouldn’t it be great if instead, he heard “every bit of cancer and tumor is gone!” Kevin tries his best to not allow the stress to get the best of him before the MRI date and luckily he is able to get his results immediately. The doctor plans to reduce the frequency of the MRI’s to once every 3 months, as long as they remain stable through the end of September.  So there is a new goal to look forward to! In the meantime, Kevin is busy enjoying each and every day! He feels good and is gearing up for summer bike riding season. 

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