Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Hi friends,
Great news !! Kevin had his routine MRI on Thursday, February 26. Happily, the result was that everything looks stable, with possibly some shrinkage of remaining tumor. The neuro-oncologist was very pleased and Kevin is relieved to put one more scan behind him.

I think it would be easy to fall into a cycle of depression after such a life altering experience as Kevin has been through in the past two years. As the two year cancerversary approaches, I reflect on the many changes he has endured, from the initial shock of diagnosis and brain surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, to quitting work and  moving back to his home state. He has missed old friends and made new friends and become accustomed to a new “normal”. Any one of these things alone, might have knocked him to his knees. While it would embarrass him to know this, I think Kevin has demonstrated a strength most of us would be unable or unwilling to continue doing, faced with these circumstances. He stays busy. He helps others. He shovels snow and fixes broken things and works on vehicles. He makes it easier for all of us to accept the bumps in the road which happen in each of our lives.

We have a couple of weekend trips planned and will be going to Houston in April to attend a conference for brain tumor patients and their families.  It looks like it will be very informative, as well as giving Kevin a chance to connect with other brain cancer patients. There are some long term survivors and we all want Kevin to join their club!!

As always, we appreciate your interest in Kevin’s story and your continued donations. Kevin will be getting COBRA insurance beginning soon and it will be considerably more expensive than what he has been paying. It will, however allow him to continue with the care he has been receiving and allow him to travel out of state for medical care if necessary. Both of which are critical at this point.

Until next time….

Kim (mom) 

“You beat cancer by how you live, Why you live
  And the manner in which you live."  -Stuart Scott

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